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BSO Exclusive Interview: KU Women’s Basketball Gonzalez Twins
by Robert Littal  - May 22nd, 2013

Robert Littal of BlackSportsOnline had a chance to sit down with Dylan and Dakota (video), talk about their newfound fame and what we can expect from the Gonzalez Twins in the future.

In true twins fashion most of their answers were blending together as one.

RL: Where did you guys grow up at and how was your life there?

Gonzalez Twins: We were born in Overland Park Kansas and raised in Denver until the sixth grade, we moved to Pocatello Idaho at that point and have lived here since. Life in Idaho was an adjustment. Though it has treated us well, it was difficult adapting to a new culture and way of life. But otherwise Idaho is a very safe and beautiful place to live.

RL: When and why did you make the decision to go to Kansas?

Gonzalez Twins: Kansas was the best overall fit for the both of us. We get to play together and try to come in and make an immediate impact as freshman. We love the family atmosphere, our coaches, our trainer, and our future teammates.

RL: Was it always a no brainer that would go to the same school?

Gonzalez Twins: We were pretty adamant about going to school together, but we did look into options on separating though.

RL: Was there a particular moment when you guys you were blowing up on social media? What was your initial reaction and how have you handle it since then?

Gonzalez Twins: During the women’s NCAA march madness tournament we found that we were getting a lot of attention on social networks because of the constant comparison to Skylar diggins, who we admire and look up to in so many ways, and we were taken by surprise but very flattered and appreciative of the love and support. Since then, we’ve just tried to stay focused on what’s important to us and try not to let social media be a big distraction.

RL: You are both more than just basketball players, you model, you sing and do a little of everything. Long term where do you see yourselves? On a runway? In the WNBA? Or trying to do as much as you can?

Gonzalez Twins: We certainly hope to achieve all that we can and do a bit of everything. If we were blessed with the opportunity to play in the wnba with players we’ve idolized since we were young, would be so immensely incredible. however we do have a passion for music and entertainment as well and hope to potentially pursue a career along those lines.

RL: Are you worried about any jealous or backlash from your teammates because of the attention you are getting?

Gonzalez Twins: We love our teammates and they’ve been very supportive and loving. We hope that none of them would backlash from any attention because ultimately we are focused on our team and being the best teammates we can be, we aren’t focused on the attention or the varying expectations of others.

RL: How did it make you feel to hear mainstream media guys giving you ladies some credit for Andrew Wiggins coming to KU?

Gonzalez Twins: Andrew wiggins is a good friend of ours, he is a tremendous talent and even we were surprised to hear he committed to Kansas. But we are more than thrilled that he is joining the jayhawk family! We both found it a little humorous that people were trying to give us credit, because there are so many amazing aspect about Kansas that I’m sure stood out to Andrew like they did for us, but again we couldn’t be happier for him and his attending KU.

RL: Guys are going to want to know if you are single and if so what are the attributes you are looking for in a guy?

Gonzalez Twins: Currently Dylan is not single (rumored to be Anthony Davis from the Pelicans), but Dakota is single. When it comes to guys we love it when they have a good sense of humor, are respectful, are honest, loyal and has a good head on their shoulders… That’s really about it because the rest of the fun comes in getting to know that person.

RL: What were your thoughts about Brittney Griner possibly taking a shot at playing in the NBA?

Gonzalez Twins: we think it’s fantastic that she would potentially strive for that level because no other female basketball player has ever done it before. And we are inspired that she seeks to be the best player she can be and to play at the highest level possible.

RL: Tell everyone the best way to follow you guys career while you are at Kansas?

Gonzalez Twins: the best ways to keep up with us will be through the big 12 network, and if that’s not available the KU atheltics website is a nice option, or just following us on our social networks (twitter & instagram) and we will try to keep everyone updated on what’s going on the best we can.


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